Powering the Revolution of the Healthcare and Insurance Solutions

Inova International │ Inova Care have been a leader in industry transformation for more than 20 years, positioning itself at the intersection of healthcare, insurance, and technology with offices spanning 15 countries and 3 continents.

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Products and Solutions

All products and solutions are designed to help our clients optimize service, and accelerate revenue and profitability by leveraging our ecosystem of companies and digital technology platforms.

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Inova Solutions

Inova offers a full range of product development and consultancy services.


Inova Health Solutions

Inova Health Solutions offers a full range of services across the entire healthcare journey, including innovative medical devices such as WAVI, remote patient monitoring solutions, and healthcare management.

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Inova Benefit Solutions

Inova Benefit Solutions is a full-service insurance marketing organization (IMO) and administration company specializing in the development, marketing and administration of niche health and health-related insurance products.

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Inova Care Asia

Inova Care Asia was formed in 2008 and specializes in market research, product and value-added service development, healthcare management and third-party administration services.


Solutions that advance your company’s profit and growth objectives

Inova Solutions offers third party administration and insourcing solutions through its subsidiary company – Inova Care

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