Dental reservation and dental health information total solution 'Best Dental Care' service launched in July

Inova Care’s Korean subsidiary company, Cynergy Care, a global healthcare service company, announced on 1st that it will start a dental reservation and dental health information total solution 'Best Dental Care Service' from July.

Best Dental Care Service provides basic information about 18,000 dental hospitals and clinics nationwide and detailed information on more than 1,500 affiliated dentists and clinics on mobile phones.

In particular, affiliated dentists and clinics have strengthened convenience by providing detailed information, such as medical professional fields, equipment, customer convenience facilities, and medical reservation information as well as providing a mobile real-time reservation service.

In 'My Medical Chart Services' it is possible to systematically manage dental health by recording and managing appointments and medical appointments. In addition, it provides information on dental names and dental health information.

“The Best Dental Care Mobile Service is planned to serve dental insurance customers,” said Kyung-Kim, CEO of Cynergy
Care Korea.