Inova International and HealthSaaS, Inc. Partner to Battle COVID-19 and Vertically Integrate Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services

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The partnership secures a telehealth partner for HealthSaaS, while Inova gains the HealthSaaS CarePath AI RPM, along with the AI-powered COVID-19 assessment app rolling out to millions of Inova users across North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

Portland, OR – In the first of many anticipated projects together, Inova International is integrating the HealthSaaS COVID-19 assessment tool into the Inova telehealth smartphone app.

Frank Ille, HealthSaaS CEO said, “Our partnership with Inova has expanded our capacity to integrate with multiple clinical information systems and has led to significant new business opportunities for both companies. By integrating with Inova’s telehealth app, we can save doctors and patients valuable time by remotely capturing empirical patient health information during the doctor-patient interaction.”

The HealthSaaS COVID-19 assessment tool is powered by CarePath AI TM , a cloud based, clinically informed AI which also serves as the underlying technology for the newly released HealthSaaS CarePath AI Remote Patient Monitoring platform. More comprehensive in its determination of COVID-19 risk compared to the many chatbot-based "symptom checkers" on the market, CarePath AI evaluates a greater number of clinical signs and also detects, differentiates, and reports other life-threatening conditions which share some of the COVID-19 symptoms such as heart attack, sepsis and pneumonia.

Inova’s telehealth app, designed to optimize clinical outcomes and improve the patient journey and access to care, is one component of Inova’s complete ecosystem of support services for the healthcare industry.


Frank Ille, CEO | Cell: 503. 459.9028 | [email protected]
Dylan Vance, President | Cell: 971.219.0655 | [email protected]