Inova International Launches A Fully Integrated Healthcare Management Ecosystem


The Global Healthcare and Health Insurance industry is rapidly adopting digitization and machine learning for accessing and managing healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has patients and providers demanding telemedicine solutions and remote patient monitoring more than ever before.

Inova International has leveraged Inova Care’s 18-year history of developing and managing health and dental insurance programs in the USA, Europe, and Asia to bring together a group of new and currently operating (but separate businesses) under a single umbrella whereby each business has been selected because it offers synergies with the group for healthcare management, medical outcome optimization and cost control.

The combined entity creates a fully integrated healthcare ecosystem that optimizes the current relationship between insurers, employers, healthcare providers, and patients. Inova will leverage digital technology to deliver market-driven products and services for diverse market segments.

During the coming months, Inova International will be rolling out a series of products and services designed to address the growing demand for telemedicine, disease state management, and remote patient monitoring on a widescale basis.