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and Solutions Company.

Inova Care was established in 2002 and is the part of the Inova International family of companies.  Inova offers a complete ecosystem of services in support of the insurance, healthcare, and digital technology industries.   We have a proven track record or driving revenue, profitability, and favorable outcomes for our clients. 


Products and Solutions

All Inova products and solutions are designed to help clients optimize revenue, improve outcomes, and gain operational efficiencies.

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Consulting & Product Development Services

Inova offers a full range of consultancy services.


Innovative Medical Devices

The Legacy-Inova relationship provides healthcare providers with access to cutting edge medical technology.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Inova supplements actual physician visits with digital healthcare services and health coaching for chronic disease states. 

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Telehealth Solutions

Inova Telehealth Solutions is an end-to-end digital solution, connecting members, physicians, ancillary health providers, pharmacies and insurers together in a sustainable ecosystem.


Cyber Security

'Cyber risk' means any risk of financial loss, disruption, or damage to the reputation of an organization from any security breach of its information technology systems.


Business Process Operations

Inova International offers several administrative services on an insource or outsource basis.


Insurance Marketing Organization Solutions

Inova offers comprehensive Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) solutions through its subsidiary, Inova Benefit Solutions. Inova Benefit Solutions is a full-service marketing and administration company specializing in the development, marketing and administration of niche health and health-related insurance products.


Solutions that advance your company’s profit and growth objectives

Inova Solutions offers third party administration and insourcing solutions through its subsidiary company – Inova Care

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In a rapidly changing world, we advise businesses and individuals on how to prepare for the unexpected.


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