Inova International launches Inova Health Solutions in the United States

Inova USA.jpg


Naples, Florida - Inova International launched a new subsidiary company, Inova Health Solutions dba Inova Care USA that focuses on leveraging digital technology to optimize access to healthcare and improve medical outcomes while reinforcing and strengthening the ‘doctor-patient’ relationship.

Inova Care USA will initially focus on remote patient monitoring, a key component of chronic disease state management.   Inova Care USA’s solution is device agnostic, placing more importance on the entire ecosystem solution, technology platform, and AI decision support tools.

During Inova’s prelaunch trials, we were able to achieve 30-35% savings in healthcare costs by early detection and mitigation of health complications as well as reductions in emergency room visits, admissions, and readmissions. 

Inova Care USA plans to rollout future releases of its technology to provide patients with even more options for interacting with the platform as well as tools to cover additional disease states.