Business Process Operations

Inova International offers several administrative services on an insource or outsource basis.

Internationally, Inova administers a variety of benefit plans that cover a full range of options including inpatient and outpatient medical, dental, vision, lifestyle and other ancillary care services.

In the USA, we offer clients access to our shared service platform (BPO Services) as well as billing and fulfillment services.

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Inova’s digital technology is a key driver in controlling health care costs. At the core of our technology is a modular, web-based platform that makes most administrative functions very efficient and customizable. The Enterprise Platform provides real time verification and auto adjudication of claims.  Many clients select Inova Care for BPO services because Inova:

  • Is a true business partner that is concerned about the service and financial performance of the products offered by our clients.
  • Technology leverages efficiency, accessibility and connectivity between the producer, member, network provider and business partner.
  • Uses quality management programs to validate coverage, medical necessity, control costs and ensure that members receive high quality and medically appropriate care.
  • Maintains a strong collaboration with its provider network which aligns the goals and objectives of all key stakeholders.
  • Ensures advanced service level standards which lead to high member satisfaction for our distribution partners, providers, clients, and members.

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