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Comprehensive Digital Health and Solution for Insurers, Providers and Members


About the Inova App

Inova Care’s goal is to drive the use of digital technology to make access and administration of benefit plans more efficient and effective. Our initial smartphone application is a virtual ID card that can be used for the fulfillment of insurance programs to expedite the enrollment process. Currently, we have expanded its functionalities to include appointment booking, locating a provider, and telemedicine that are designed to make primary and follow-up care more accessible. Inova Care plans to release updated versions of its App to include value added services as well as to facilitate medical second opinion and cross border health care.

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Key Features

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Virtual Identification Card 


Customer Care

Digital Policy Fulfillment Solution

Appointment Scheduling

Search for Health Care Provider clipboard (1).png Eligibility Verification


Health Concierge - Virtual Medical Consultation
translation.png Multi-language


  • Improved and proactive communication with members
  • Efficient and cost-effective fulfillment of policyholder materials
  • Real-time verification of member eligibility
  • Integrated disease statement management platform
  • Easy way for members to access value added services
  • Locate the closest health and dental care provider with ease
  • Fast appointment scheduling


For inquiries regarding the Inova Care app, email us at [email protected]

For support inquiries and help with the app, please email us at [email protected]

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