Remote Patient Monitoring

Inova supplements practitioner visits with digital healthcare services and health coaching, and patients are connected without interference with activities of daily living.


Chronic Disease State Management is one of Inova’s core strengths. We believe that chronic medical conditions can be managed more effectively through frequent digital interaction, more patient engagement in their health as well as tools to enhance the doctor-patient relationship.

Inova’s relationship with LiveCare provides the company with an industry-leading hub device that connects to more than 10078 smart medical devices.  The Link+ is the very first Smart Home Medical Gateway that is uniquely designed to connect the elderly population with their healthcare team. The Link+ automatically collects key vital statistics from various third-party home medical devices through a proprietary, touch-free integration technology:

  • No apps required
  • No device pairing required
  • Fully automated system for vital statistics
  • Single API for more than 100 third-party peripherals
  • Prediction analysis

The Inova Care Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform allows care management to be provided to patients remotely and in between scheduled physician visits. All data collected using Inova’s proprietary platform is stored into the cloud and provides alerts to clinicians when device readings are out of range. Inova’s RPM service can be used in almost every use case scenario. For more information about Inova’s Remote Patient Monitoring solutions please contact us at  [email protected].

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